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The most entertaining language learning courses “Learn Chinese by sightseeing in Taiwan”

The most entertaining language learning courses “Learn Chinese by sightseeing in Taiwan”
2019-04-25 14:12:12

Ever have a problem because of language barriers when you visit other countries? Is Chinese the most difficult language in the world? The Chinese language centers in Taiwan’s universities are cooperating with the tour industry to offer a new choice for visitors to Taiwan!

Taiwan is a beautiful island in the far west of the Pacific, where tourists would be interested in the natural scenery, renowned local snacks, and sophisticated cultural background. No matter whether or not you have heard of, or even know about this place, visiting once will be enough to leave you with an unforgettable memory in life.

Recently, many Chinese language centers in universities have been cooperating with the tour industry by introducing custom tours that combine the local cultural experience and language learning. Foreign visitors may enjoy the trip to Taiwan and naturally speak for themselves. From delicious food to historic sites, visitors can now experience the culture inside out. For example, Tamkang University Chinese Center offers a culinary tour. With the guidance of a professional Chinese instructor, the visitors can buy ingredients in a traditional market and cook for themselves. Visitors learn how to actually get involved in the actual living environment by experiencing making self-cooked meals to eating night market food. Experience with real local Taiwanese taste! Chung Yuan Christian University Chinese language center introduces four sets of itineraries, including historical site tours, aesthetics in modern and historical structures, native tribe cultural experience, and other special cultural ceremonies such as dragon boat paddling. Whether or not you love the natural scenery or special local culture, visitors will be satisfied with the intriguing arrangement.

Now we take a look at the South Central part of Taiwan. If you want to experience the cultural creative base and Fengjia night market, join the tour offered by the Feng Chia University Chinese language center that combines themed cultural tour and Chinese language education. The visitors will first be taught with the basics and related words, and they will be able to apply what they learned on different tours and situations. Wenzao Ursuline University mainly focuses on combining the Chinese language course with Taiwanese local food. Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean with very rich and fresh seafood. The Fo Guang Shan purification trip takes you to the Buddha memorial hall that combines Asian and foreign cultures in its traditional but modern architecture. Enjoy the vegetarian food in religious tranquility with a peaceful mind. We also look at the Hakka culture and local food where people cook for themselves. The Hakka architecture and natural scenery of wetland offer great food and nice views. You don’t want to miss this if you are a food-lover who wants to try all sorts of different food while in Taiwan.

If you want to make lifelong memories for your visit, try the combined learning and local experience tour program. Sightseeing will no longer be a browse-and-leave tour, and you can learn to speak a few sentences of the language that 1.2 billion of the population on earth is using.

Other than learning Chinese while visiting Taiwan, the Ministry of Education officially cooperates with universities in training Chinese educators. They also connect with overseas universities and academies to recommend excellent Chinese educators teaching in the overseas campus. People living overseas may have the opportunity to learn Chinese with Taiwanese culture without leaving their country.

To know more about the above tour courses and Mandarin education-related information please visit the website. https://ogme.edu.tw/